Falkirk Stadium

June 15th-17th, 2018

Follow Up Breakfast & Materials Distribution Day


Grangemouth Town Hall 27 Bo'Ness Rd, Grangemouth FK3 8AN

All Pastors, Evangelism, and Discipleship Leaders are strongly encouraged to attend this Free Breakfast.  Vital information as it relates to the follow-up of those who come forward at the Celebration of Hope will be provided to help you assess if your church has an ongoing, effective follow up plan to turn a recent commitment to Christ into a lifestyle of obedient service to Christ and sharing that lifestyle with others.  THIS IS A KEY MEETING FOR THOSE CHURCHES DESIRING TO RECEIVE NAMES OF PREVIOUSLY NON-CHURCHED INDIVIDUALS FROM THE CELEBRATION.

Please RSVP by going to www.celebrationofhope.uk and filling out the form under Get Involved for Event RSVP.  You can access the site HERE.

Following the Breakfast, Posters and Invitation pieces will be available for pick-up between 11:00 and NOON. You can also purchase any additional Follow Up Resource Materials you would like to have for use now and beyond the Celebration.

We look forward to seeing you and serving you and your ministry on Saturday, 12th May.